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Welcome to High Peak Liberal Democrats!

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

The United Kingdom has a proud tradition of fairness. Many of the most fundamental components of our modern society were created by Liberals, such as the introduction of state pensions, unemployment benefits, health insurance and free secondary education.It is now hard to imagine what this country would be like without those things, but when Liberals introduced them they were regarded as radical ideas that threatened the status quo. More recently Liberal Democrats have continued to challenge both Labour and the Conservatives on crucial matters such as the invasion of Iraq and "plans" (using the term loosely) for a Hard Brexit, that even on the Government's own figures will incur long-lasting damange to the British economy.

But today's Liberal Democrats are much more than just a collection of anti-Brexit campaigners. We want to help make this country into a stronger, fairer society. The Liberal Democrats, through the work of MPs such as Lynn Featherstone, Danny Alexander, Stephen Webb and David Laws were able to introduce Same-sex Marriages, greatly raised Income Tax thresolds (freeing many of our least well-paid workers from paying Income Tax), pension reforms and free, nutritious school meals for all infant school pupils and a Pupil Premium to provide targeted help to ensure children from poorer families aren't held back.

The Liberal Democrats are unafraid to champion less fashionable causes. We speak up for those who who struggle to have their voice heard. Norman Lamb has campaigned for many years for mental health funding to be increased. Sadly the Conservative government too often selects mental health facilities as the first to be cut back, as has happened to Spencer Ward in Buxton's Cavendish Hospital this year. Only the Liberal Democrats are honest enough to admit that providing the NHS we need will mean that we have to pay a bit more in tax to fund it.

If you want to help make Britain a fairer, more tolerant and more successful society, please join us. We are fighting to keep Britain in the EU which helps ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for us and our children. We are fighting to ensure proper, sustainable funding for the NHS. We are fighting homelessness and believe nobody should have to sleep rough.

The Constituency Party of the High Peak Liberal Democrats is managed by an Executive Committee which is elected annually. It manages the affairs of the party within the High Peak.

The Executive consists of a Constituency President, Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Data Officer and Ordinary members. Meetings are held regularly. Please contact the secretary at secretary@highpeaklibdems.org.uk for more information.

We are one of the six counties which make up the East Midlands Region of the Liberal Democrats, which oversees matters such as the selection of Prospective Parliamentary Candidates.

In common with all constituencies of the Liberal Democrat Party we follow national policies which are voted on at conference, taking our lead from the party headquarters at Cowley Street in London.

Recent updates

  • Vegan Coffee and walnut cake by The Food Rhino (greenlibdems.org.uk)
    Article: Oct 17, 2018
    By Linda Johnson

    (From our GLD October 2018 newsletter)


    • 20g Fairtrade Ground Coffee
    • 300ml Boiling water
    • 1 X Cafetiere
    • 150g X Dairy free spread
    • 150g X Dark brown sugar
    • 250g X Self raising flour
    • 40g X Aquafaba
    • 120g X Chopped walnuts
    • 200g X Icing sugar
    • 2lb Bread tin


    In a cafetiere mix together the 300ml boiling water and the ground coffee and allow to cool before pressing. Cream together 150g dairy-free spread and dark brown sugar in a mixing bowl until a smooth paste is formed. Add to the mix your self-raising flour, aquafaba and 100g of the pressed coffee; make sure you keep the remaining coffee as you will need it later. Mix together well before stirring in 100g of the chopped walnuts. Grease and line a 2lb bread tin and add your batter, making sure the mixture is evenly spread in the tin. Cook at 180°C for 45 minutes turning halfway. Once the cake is cooked place on a Safi coffee and 100g of dairy-free spread until smooth and lay over the top of the cake. Finish by adding the remaining walnuts and chill for a few minutes until the frosting has set then serve.

  • Article: Oct 16, 2018

    Brexit is bad for Britain. Join Liberal Democrats at 1200 noon Saturday 20 October near Hyde Park Corner to march for a Peoples' Vote and an Exit from Brexit.

    Brexiteers want to take the country back - we want to take our country forward!

    Further details can be found here:


  • Article: Oct 16, 2018
    By Nick Hopkinson in Worthing Herald

    In a letter published last week (11 October) in the Worthing Herald, Liberal Democrat European Group (LDEG) Chair, Nick Hopkinson, argues the chances of a People's Vote and an Exit from Brexit have grown substantially:

    People are changing their minds about Brexit as our political and economic mess worsens. Recent polls show solid leads in favour of a Peoples Vote on any Brexit deal and a slowly growing, but slim, majority for staying in the European Union (EU).

  • Article: Oct 16, 2018

    This page might be relevant to you if you, your organization, or someone connected with you has said something in support of trans (aka "transgender") people, and suddenly:

    • Lots of angry people are contacting you (by email, social media, etc).
    • They are pushing the following viewpoints:
      • Respecting trans people's rights somehow damages women's rights
      • Trans women are not women
      • Trans women are dangerous to cis (i.e. not trans) women
  • Martin Horwood moving the motion Plastic Pollution and UN Sustainable Development Goals (KNDaws)
    Article: Oct 16, 2018
    By Kevin Daws

    (From our GLD October 2018 newsletter)
    Plastics Pollution - Actions Speak Louder than words

    By Kevin Daws

    During the last year the issue of single use plastics has become a major political issue as people, like me, have understood the huge and detrimental impact that plastic is having on our environment. For me the issue came onto my personal radar when I watched David Attenborough's Blue Planet II which highlighted the impact of plastic on marine life and even the BBC launched a campaign called Plastics Watch which had a huge impact on millions of people.

  • Article: Oct 16, 2018
    By Kevin Daws in Lewes Liberal Democrats


    (NB: This letter was sent to large local retailers. A slightly different version was sent to smaller shops.)

    We are writing to you from the local Liberal Democrats to encourage businesses to take steps to reduce plastic waste in our town. We have been working at the Town and District Council to reduce the presence of single use plastic, improve recycling, and encourage re-usable packaging such as re-usable coffee cups; and we are founder members of the "Plastic Free Lewes" initiative.

  • Article: Oct 16, 2018
    By Kevin Daws

    North Herts District Council

    That the Chief Executive be instructed to produce an action plan to:

    a) Minimise the Council's use of plastics and to eliminate the use of single use plastics and replace with sustainable alternatives by 2022.

    b) Request all of the council's suppliers and contractors to remove single use plastics from their products and packaging as soon as possible.

  • GLD Conference 2018 - Keith taking a break (KNDaws)
    Article: Oct 10, 2018
    By Keith Melton

    Vice Chair Campaigns - looking for help! (Keith Melton)

    The Green Liberal Democrat`s AGM in Brighton established a NEW post this year - Vice Chair Campaigns - and I am delighted to report the GLD Exec meeting at the weekend confirmed my appointment to this post, expanding the executive at this juncture of rapid growth to spread the load and develop the group`s strategy to bring Green campaigning front and centre to the Liberal Democrats.

  • Article: Oct 2, 2018

    Hft has welcomed the Local Government Association's (LGA) "The lives we want to lead" green paper as an important start to the conversation on social care funding. In its response. The charity calls for the conversation to move beyond simply focusing on elderly care, and for greater inclusion of people supported by social care services, and those who support them, in the decisions that affect them.

  • Article: Oct 2, 2018

    Consultation - Have your say on the proposed closure of ticket offices at 51 London Overground stations

    Image caption - a lady at a London Overground ticket office

    Arriva Rail London are planning to close ticket offices at 51 London Overground stations*. London TravelWatch is now consulting passengers on these changes and wants to hear from as many passengers as possible.

  • Jennie Rigg
    Article: Oct 2, 2018

    Jennie Rigg, the chair of LGBT+ Lib Dems, has responded to the announcement that the Government will legislate to allow mixed-sex Civil Partnerships after losing a case in the Supreme Court in June:

    "Civil partnerships for all couples was the intent of the original Civil Partnerships legislation in 2002 by Lib Dem Lord Lester. Sadly the Government of the day chose instead to deliver a 'separate and unequal' two-tier solution. When we became the first major party to call for same-sex marriage, we also supported bringing Civil Partnerships to couples regardless of gender. We're proud to have delivered same-sex marriage in Government, and happy to see this further step for equality 16 years after we first tried to introduce it.

  • Bi Visibility Day 2018 - Northwest Liberal Democrats
    Article: Sep 24, 2018

    Yesterday was Bi Visibility Day. Our Chair, Jennie, wrote a piece for Liberal Democrat Voice, reproduced here:

    Today we are marking the twentieth annual Bi Visibility day, which aims to raise the profile and visibility of bisexual people within our society - a society which so often overlooks them. Whilst great progress has been made in advancing rights and acceptance for gay and lesbian people (although of course, there is more to be done), bisexual people often suffer from assumptions based on the gender of their current (or last) partner and the prejudices of their peers. Media portrayals can trivialise their experiences, treat them as curiosities, or suggest that their sexual appetites are greedy and promiscuous. In such a climate, young bisexuals can feel pressured to "pick a side" and this is part of the reason why bi people suffer from far worse rates of mental illness than either gay or straight people. On top of this, the needs of bisexuals are often overlooked in the provision of health and social services.