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Welcome to High Peak Liberal Democrats!

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

The United Kingdom has a proud tradition of fairness. Many of the most fundamental components of our modern society were created by Liberals, such as the introduction of state pensions, unemployment benefits, health insurance and free secondary education.It is now hard to imagine what this country would be like without those things, but when Liberals introduced them they were regarded as radical ideas that threatened the status quo. More recently Liberal Democrats have continued to challenge both Labour and the Conservatives on crucial matters such as the invasion of Iraq and "plans" (using the term loosely) for a Hard Brexit, that even on the Government's own figures will incur long-lasting damange to the British economy.

But today's Liberal Democrats are much more than just a collection of anti-Brexit campaigners. We want to help make this country into a stronger, fairer society. The Liberal Democrats, through the work of MPs such as Lynn Featherstone, Danny Alexander, Stephen Webb and David Laws were able to introduce Same-sex Marriages, greatly raised Income Tax thresolds (freeing many of our least well-paid workers from paying Income Tax), pension reforms and free, nutritious school meals for all infant school pupils and a Pupil Premium to provide targeted help to ensure children from poorer families aren't held back.

The Liberal Democrats are unafraid to champion less fashionable causes. We speak up for those who who struggle to have their voice heard. Norman Lamb has campaigned for many years for mental health funding to be increased. Sadly the Conservative government too often selects mental health facilities as the first to be cut back, as has happened to Spencer Ward in Buxton's Cavendish Hospital this year. Only the Liberal Democrats are honest enough to admit that providing the NHS we need will mean that we have to pay a bit more in tax to fund it.

If you want to help make Britain a fairer, more tolerant and more successful society, please join us. We are fighting to keep Britain in the EU which helps ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for us and our children. We are fighting to ensure proper, sustainable funding for the NHS. We are fighting homelessness and believe nobody should have to sleep rough.

The Constituency Party of the High Peak Liberal Democrats is managed by an Executive Committee which is elected annually. It manages the affairs of the party within the High Peak.

The Executive consists of a Constituency President, Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Data Officer and Ordinary members. Meetings are held regularly. Please contact the secretary at secretary@highpeaklibdems.org.uk for more information.

We are one of the six counties which make up the East Midlands Region of the Liberal Democrats, which oversees matters such as the selection of Prospective Parliamentary Candidates.

In common with all constituencies of the Liberal Democrat Party we follow national policies which are voted on at conference, taking our lead from the party headquarters at Cowley Street in London.

Recent updates

  • Bristol Council declare a Climate Emergence (greenlibdems.org.uk)
    Article: Nov 15, 2018
    By Peter Bruce

    Bristol CIty 'Ups the Pace' on Climate Change action

    After the great Liberal Democrat actions on renewables, housing and 'green' investment during the coalition, the Tory government has cancelled much of the good work and slowed the pace right up. We need new impetus/energy for action as reflected by the public energy in growing Climate Action and Extinction Rebellion initiatives.
  • Article: Nov 10, 2018
    By Phil Knowles

    The welcome at the Regional Conference was warm and the atmosphere full of hope and commitment. I had the opportunity to chat with so many friends both old and new. Not unexpectedly as we chatted the subject of Brexit was near top of the list.

    Many pointed out that time is running out and that 'B' day - Brexit Day - is very rapidly approaching but as I reminded colleagues, as someone once said..... a week is a long time in politics and there is still time for us to make a real and positive impact.

  • Article: Nov 8, 2018
    By Poppy Hasted

    'The Tory Concept of 'Purple Tuesday' (to be next Tuesday 13th November 2018), "the UK's first accessible shopping day" is all very well and good but it does not recognise that, for a disabled person, being able to actually ENTER a shop is the end of the story, not the start.

    Until Disabled People are able to gain accessible and equal employment so we are able to earn as much as non-disabled people to spend on Purple Tuesday, we are not equal.

  • Article: Nov 8, 2018

    We are pleased to announce that the following members, are going to be the new LDDA executive from 1st January 2019. The period of office is two years.

    Co Chairs:- Gemma Roulston and Phil Stevens

    Secretary:- Victoria Evans

    Treasurer:- Maureen Rigg

    Membership Secretary:- Claire Roulston

    Ordinary members of the executive:- Poppy Hasted, Jemma Charlton, Avril Coehlo and Matthew Clark.

  • Article: Nov 8, 2018
    By Lord Chris Rennard

    Lord Rennard has written the foreword for a paper 'Action on Delayed Transfer of Care' produced by the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA). The paper has been sent to MPs and peers most closely associated with health and disability issues as well as relevant Ministers and civil servants.

    One of the issues identified in the paper is how delays in the provision of suitable equipment can mean that too many patients are made to stay in hospital for far longer than necessary. Integrating properly the health and care services is seen as essential to reduce what is commonly known as 'bed blocking'.

  • Article: Nov 7, 2018

    Tom Bake MP, Jo Swinson MP and Ed Davey MP campaigning for a final say on the Brexit deal

    Monday, my colleague Tom and I spoke in Parliament for the 3.6 million EU citizens who have been made to put their lives on hold for two years now.

    After months of campaigning by the Lib Dems, the government agreed to secure the rights of EU citizens in the draft EU Withdrawal Agreement. But it is only a draft.

    And last week, the immigration minister told the Home Affairs Select Committee that current UK based EU citizens would be subject to the same immigration checks as new arrivals - with no documentation to prove their status.

    It is inhumane and unacceptable that we are treating EU citizens in this way.

    The Conservative Government is holding millions of lives in limbo - while Ministers fight amongst themselves.

    The Liberal Democrats Demand Better.

    Join our campaign, and help us demand that the government guarantees EU citizens the right to stay in the EU.

  • Article: Nov 6, 2018
    By Phil Knowles

    Dear {{name}},

    It is vital that the importance of Small Businesses in the U.K. is fully recognised and highlighted." says Cllr Phil Knowles

    "Yes - They offer employment and indeed so much more as individual companies, but they are also vital in the supply chains to so many of the big companies and major groups.

  • Power for People logo
    Article: Nov 4, 2018
    By Kevin Daws

    This is a relatively new campaigning group who are campaigning for Local Clean Energy. They are currently campaigning for the Local Electricity Bill, which is supported by 79 MPs, to become law. Currently only 4 Liberal Democrat MPs have given their support to the bill and these are Wera Hobhouse, Tom Brake, Layla Moran and Ed Davey.

  • Front of libdems at March 20th October
    Article: Oct 30, 2018

    In July 2016, in the aftermath of the referendum, the Liberal Democrats were a lone voice calling for a final say on whatever deal was done on Brexit.

    Last week, an estimated 700,000 people marched on the streets of London, calling for a people's vote on Brexit.

    That makes it the biggest protest since the Iraq War.

  • The Pytchley Inn
    Article: Oct 25, 2018
    By Brian Milne

    This is an occasion you will not wish to miss!

    Following our hosting of of the East Midlands Regional Conference on November 3rd, (Sessions led by Ed Davey and Mark Pack), we are holding a dinner at "The Pytchley" West Haddon.

    Special guest at the dinner, - 6:30 for 7:00 , is SAL BRINTON. Numbers are STRICTLY limited, so you will need to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

  • Article: Oct 23, 2018
    By Phil Knowles

    "If you voted in. If you voted out. If you didn't vote, surely it's right to give the people the final say with The People's Vote. That's Democracy" Cllr Phil Knowles (former European Candidate for the East Midlands.)

    Five hundred thousand, six hundred or even seven hundred thousand.

    Whatever the figure the turnout at the people's Match at the weekend was undoubtedly huge. Add to this the enormous amount of social media on the subject and there can be no doubt that the call for the People's Vote is getting louder, louder on an almost daily basis.