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50 reasons #whyIamIN

October 9, 2013 2:07 PM
By Giles Goodall in Liberal Democrat Voice
Originally published by East Midlands Liberal Democrats

#whyIamINNick Clegg's passionate yesterday morning for everyone who cares about Britain's future in Europe to speak out will have been music to Lib Dem ears - and those of many more beyond. As Nick said, the antis have had it their way for far too long. Their arguments do not stand up to scrutiny and the pro-European case is just waiting to be made.

As #whyIamIN started to trend on Twitter yesterday, I started to think about just why we are better off in the EU, so taking my cue from Nick's speech I came up with not one, but 50 reasons. Please feel free to add more in the comments section!

1. We're members of the world's biggest marketplace - with 500 million consumers

2. 3 million British jobs are linked to the EU Single Market

3. No paperwork for small businesses exporting in Europe

4. International companies invest here because we're a springboard to the EU

5. It gives us access to trade agreements with 50 countries around the world

6. We're negotiating new ones with Japan and the US - which could be worth £10bn a year

7. We're taken seriously by the rest of the world because we're part of the EU

8. British police depend on cooperation with their EU counterparts

9. EU cooperation has helped us catch terrorists, murderers and paedophiles

10. Organised crime would flourish if we left

11. Over 1 million Brits live, work and study other EU countries

12. Over 1 million other EU citizens live, work and study in the UK

13. We can travel quickly and easily all over Europe

14. We have access to healthcare when travelling too

15. Cheaper flights because of the Single Market

16. Passengers have rights if their flight is delayed or cancelled

17. Mobile roaming charges are cheaper - and will be phased out

18. Brits can retire in the sun and still claim a pension

19. We have better consumer rights - like exchanging a faulty product for 2 years

20. We can better tackle climate change with EU action

21. Our voice is louder at the global table as part of the EU

22. The EU costs us less in a year than we spend on the NHS in 3 weeks

23. No EU law is passed without the input of our MEPs and ministers

24. Britain is a major player in the EU and can shape it to our goals

25. The European Commission is smaller than Birmingham City Council

26. British universities and researchers benefit hugely from EU funding

27. Our students have the right to study abroad (and get Erasmus grants)

28. Farmers and fishermen here have a level playing field in Europe

29. Products are cheaper for consumers because of the Single Market

30. The EU is cutting red tape: over 5,000 regulations have been scrapped in 8 years

31. EU membership has helped transform 14 former dictatorships

32. The EU has helped keep the peace for half a century

33. Our water, soil and beaches are cleaner

34. Our food, toys and electrical products are safer

35. Lead-free petrol and better air quality

36. The EU amplifies our voice in foreign affairs

37. The EU amplifies the impact of our development policy

38. Everyone has the right to work without discrimination

39. We get at least one day off a week

40. We get 4 weeks paid holiday a year

41. We can have a 20 minute break if we work more than six hours

42. Women have the right to equal pay

43. We have the right to vote in local and European elections wherever we live in the EU

44. In countries where Britain doesn't have an embassy, we can call on any other EU embassy

45. Support for democracy and human rights around the world

46. EU rules break-up monopolies and cartels

47. The strongest wildlife protection in the world

48. Improved animal welfare standards

49. Financial support for areas hit by industrial decline

50. We can learn from other European countries who do things better than us

* Giles Goodall is a Lib Dem European Parliamentary Candidate for South East England