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Derby's Liberal Democrats want council to oppose fracking

June 6, 2014 11:24 AM
By Chris Mallett in Derby Telegraph
Originally published by East Midlands Liberal Democrats

DERBY'S Liberal Democrat group will call for the council to formally oppose fracking.

In a motion to be put forward at Wednesday's council AGM, councillor Mike Carr will call for Derby to become a "frack-free area" and prohibit fracking on all the authority's land.

Fracking sees holes bored deep into the ground. Engineers inject a blend of chemicals, water and sand at high pressure to split shale rock containing natural gas and it is brought to the surface.

It became controversial in the UK after one firm set off minor earth tremors when it started using the method near Blackpool.

And it is a topic of debate in the US, where shale gas is exploited on a large scale and footage has been captured of people able to ignite water coming out of their taps because of gas contamination.

There are shale gas deposits in Derbyshire - in the north of the county and a small one between Derby and Long Eaton and beyond the town to the east.

But experts say these are not the main places firms would be looking for exploratory drilling.

Mr Carr's motion says: "Exploitation of shale gas locks our economy into a 'carbon culture' that produces climate change and diverts investment away from renewables.

"Planners judging fracking applications are forbidden to consider alternatives to oil and gas.

"Drilling for shale gas creates fewer local jobs than could be created through investment in renewables.

"And fracking can be very disruptive to residents."

The motion calls for the city council "to work with local authorities and environmental groups to oppose fracking and emphasise its dangers".