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UP THE BREXIT CREEK - Everyone should read what Nick Clegg has to say about Theresa May and Brexit

September 22, 2016 11:40 AM
By Narjas Zatat in Inby 100 - https://www.indy100.com/article/everyone-should-read-what-nick-clegg-has-to-say-about-theresa-may-and-brexit-7318811

Nick Clegg at ConferenceFormer Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg - and the man whose picture students are probably still using to play darts - seems to be recovering his political career.

You see, he keeps making intelligent comments about Brexit.

The day before the referendum Clegg wrote an article for the i newspaper which, in hindsight predicted the post-Brexit mess Britain is currently embroiled in:

...the Conservatives descend into a bloody leadership election

At the Autumn Liberal Democrat conference on Saturday #MysticClegg made another appearance, and spoke about Theresa May's Brexit plans (or lack thereof):

'Brexit means Brexit' - have you ever heard a more inane and disingenuous phrase in modern British political discourse?

It is used of course robotically by Theresa May to cover up, to camouflage the indignity of the paralysis at the heart of this Conservative government.

Now, lots of commentators have said that the government, the Conservatives, are in this state of paralysis because of the tension between their wish to trim freedom of movement and their wish to have access to the single market.

I actually think it goes much, much deeper than that.

The paralysis lies in the argument between the two sides of the Conservative brain. One part of the Conservative brain espouses free trade, and the great exporting prowess of the United Kingdom.

Untrammelled access into major markets, particularly in Europe on our doorstep.

The other side of the Conservative brain argues for a return to gunboat diplomacy and nineteenth century Parliamentary sovereignty.

These two things are un-negotiable. They are mutually incompatible. You cannot have untrammelled access to a single market which, remember, is a single market of rules, without abiding in one shape or form by those rules.

That is what will lead to gridlock under this hopeless government. That is why they find themselves up this Brexit creek… I mean never mind they don't have a paddle… they don't have a canoe… they don't have a map.

They have absolutely no clue whatsoever.

You can watch the glorious speech here