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“What part of ‘Leave’ don’t you understand?”

November 11, 2016 1:31 PM
By Paul Carroll

When Nigel Farage asked this of Gina Miller on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday she was far too polite and politically unseasoned to respond in kind to this patronising and arrogant question.

Well, Mr Farage, I would like to ask you what part of 'Advisory', 'Parliamentary Democracy' and 'Independent Judiciary', don't you understand. Moreover I think your question should be directed more at the people who you persuaded to vote Leave in the referendum.

To the old man in the queue in front of me, the day before the referendum who said he "was voting leave because we were going to get a new hospital every week". Don't you understand that you were being lied to? In fact there is probably going to be less money for the NHS as the economy ails.

To the pensioners: the government is already making noises about abandoning the triple lock in favour of linking pensions to earning only. With inflation predicted at 2.7% next year and rising in following years. What you don't understand is that your pension could be worth 10% less in real terms in four years time.

To the people who feel that they have been left behind: what I fear you don't understand is that the path we are on is only going to make things worse for you.

To the young, who will increasingly have to look abroad for recognition of their talents: I hope it's is not too late.

I could go on to the effect on the car and other heavy industries, the city, home owners and all the other things that were characterised as 'Project Fear'. I fear that we are going to find out that those were actually honest warnings from people who have more insight into these things than Mr Farage.

I believe we, as a country, are in the process of doing great self harm and may even see the breakup of the UK. The general public can be forgiven for making a mistake based on the most dismal of campaigning in the referendum. I will not however, forgive our politicians for persisting in this folly. We really need to wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late.

So finally, the only thing I would ask Mr Farage is: What part of (please) 'Leave' don't you understand?

P.S. Gina Miller, thank you. You are a fine, courageous woman and I hope you get the recognition you deserve one day.

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