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Vince’s next speech

October 10, 2017 1:13 PM
By Iain Roberts in Liberal Democrat Voice
Originally published by South Lincolnshire Liberal Democrats

PolicyVince's conference speech had a lot of good policies and ideas, but the party is still failing to communicate a compelling vision. We are not giving enough people a good reason to vote Lib Dem at the national level, despite the gaping hole in the middle of British politics. Here is a speech Vince could give to start communicating that vision.

Building a Future for Britain*

Britain is getting poorer and weaker. This is not what we were promised. Low wage growth has seen real incomes fall and, thanks to Brexit, our economy has gone from the strongest in the G7 to the weakest in just a year. An astonishing and disturbing collapse in our fortunes.

Our country is being failed by both the Conservatives and Labour. Theresa May offers no answers. Everything she does is aimed at saving just one job - her own. Jeremy Corbyn offers no end of answers - if only we had the money to pay for them all. We don't.

Only the Liberal Democrats are committed to Building a Future for Britain.

A Britain confident enough to play its part in the world, working in partnership with others. A Britain that's open for business, not putting up walls to keep everyone else out. A Britain where those who put in the work reap the rewards, and those who need help receive it.

If you want a job, or a better job than you have now, the Liberal Democrats will ensure you have the access to gain the skills you need - regardless of your age or situation. We will help you to improve your life to Build a Future for Britain.

If you have a job, the Liberal Democrats will ensure it is well paid. We will tackle the scourge of the gig economy to Build a Future for Britain.

If you are in business, the Liberal Democrats will support you, help you and ensure that you can trade across the EU and more widely throughout the world to Build a Future for Britain.

And if you need support, whether through disability, illness, old age or simply bad luck, we will support you. Some people need long-term support. Others need a safety net and a leg up. We will support you, to Build a Future for Britain.

Poor productivity means that a French worker generates as much economic value by Thursday afternoon as the British worker will have at the end of the day on Friday. The Liberal Democrats will invest in skills and infrastructure to turn that around. We will keep Britain in the EU, giving businesses the confidence and certainty they need to start investing their own savings again.

A Liberal Democrat economy is a high wage economy. Businesses should not for a moment think that they will be able to rely on cheap labour to generate profits. Rather, we will expect businesses to play their part, to invest in the technology and training they will need to flourish. And we will help and support them in doing it.

This is the Liberal Democrat vision for our country. Businesses trading across the world. Highly productive, skilled employees earning higher wages. More homes, better transport links and high speed broadband for all. Properly funded education from cradle to grave. And support, treatment and care for all who need it.

Building a Future for Britain means being honest with the people of our country about how much it will cost, and how it will be paid for. Fantasy economics fails everyone.

Building a Future for Britain means working in partnership with other countries around the world, not making ourselves smaller and weaker.

We can turn our fortunes around. We can Build a Future for Britain. But we need your help. If you share our vision then help us. Join us. Work with us to build the Britain we all want to see.

* Other slogans are available. If you like this slogan, thank Richard Flowers. If you hate it, it's all mine.

* Iain Roberts is the former leader of Stockport Liberal Democrats and Lib Dem Campaign Manager in Greater Manchester Mayoral election and for Cheadle constituency in the General Election